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Sound mixing + Music

Hi all,

KALA has been picture-locked and it runs 99 minutes. :))

Our music directors, Aghi and Zeke are now in the recording studio scoring KALA while Kiki is putting all the sound together. I'll post some photos from their studios next week. In the meantime, this is a teaser (not the poster, though) by my great friend Pooja. Hope you like it. :))

Posted by Joko Anwar 2:32 AM  


  1. gledwood said...
    Hey this looks interesting, if I come over, can I have a small speaking role? I've always wanted to act in a foreign film... I found your blog on my hoppin' activities... you're welcome to hop back to mine, I'm at My blog is very different from yours. Take care now

    All the best with this & future projects!

    YUDYTH said...
    Dear Mr. Joko,
    outstanding deh. Trailer menjanjikan, teaser-teaser yg bikin iri, sama official site yg semakin lama semakin menggoda untuk dikunjungi (kapan sih situsnya jadi?). Dan aku suka cara ngebocorin film kedua Anda lewat Janji Joni, wah keren. Musiknya yg beres ya...
    puteri said...
    wow.. cam best jer citer nie. semoga ditayangkan kat malaysia juga yaa.. please..
    Gabriel said...
    i watched a trailer for ur movie in malaysia... the soundtrack was excellent... any idea where i could get my hands on a copy of the soundtrack?

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