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Teaser Trailers

Finally, some teaser trailers...
(Gambarnya belum di-color grading. Jadi low-res aja dulu, ya. :) )
Klik di gambar tiap-tiap gambar untuk melihat teasernya.

Kala. Teaser 15 sec. "Action" (1.4 mb)

Kala. Teaser 15 sec. "Murder" (1 mb)

Kala. Teaser 15 sec. "Mystery" (800 kb)

Posted by Joko Anwar 9:15 AM  


  1. Primo said...
    Just one word to describe the teasers, AMAZING!!!
    Anonymous said...

    Here I am sitting pretty in India and almost feel tempted to ask you who the creepy-crawly-hairy-ghoulish character is right at the end of the third ('Mystery') teaser??!!

    >Deep Sigh<

    I must survive the suspense till April, I know!

    Too bad I won't be able to fly down to Jakarta to catch the theatrical release.

    >Deeper Sigh<

    I will probably need to endure that long wait till the DVD is out (just like I had to for Janji Joni).

    Or at least if the 'cultural guardians' here would be so kind as to admit Kala in the festival circuits.

    >Deepest Sigh<

    All the best,
    Anonymous said...
    Mr. Joko "full-of-surprises" Anwar,
    Please don't ever quit making movies. U r our hope. Only hope.
    Joe said...
    Teasers yang keren Jok!...
    Great cinematography anyway!

    Kalo udah gini, April 19 seems forever...


    ps: Gw udah montage ketiga teaser menjadi 1 teaser yang lumayan panjang... about 30 seconds (2,5 Mb)!
    Here's the link:
    tia said...
    i have seen the future of cinema. And its name is KALA.

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