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Love Theme of Kala

No Moon

Music and Lyrics by Haris Khaseli (Zeke)

It began in Manderlay
The buzzing cars so far away
When the moon was nearly empty
He fished her body out of lake
So he pinched her nose to shut
And he breathe into her mouth
"Where am I and why am I here?"
"You've been walk in sleep my dear"

Wandering around Chinatown
"I'll make you mine."
He said, "It's me that you want inside."
Her precious eyes are staring at him
Can't she see that it is he that she wants inside
What possessed her to behave that way?

Once again in Manderlay
She drove fast on the highway
Then the trail led to a clock tower
In there he chased her to the stairs
The first attack of vertigo
He framed his brain on the window
And when he saw her body falling
If only (he wished) he had (the) angel's wings

The Chinese said that "Once you saved a life,
you are responsible forever"
And now the (for him) the moon was nearly empty
And filthy like a blind alley
No mercy in Manderlay

Posted by Joko Anwar 10:01 PM  


  1. Melissa said...
    Wow.. nice! Can't hardly wait =)
    agn said...
    ini soundtracknya dari geng aksara lagi yaaa... kerennn ... !!!
    Shafiq said...
    wah keren Jok ... keren... Hm... di semarang yah... hohohoho

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